About The Lane

On the opening night of Christmas Tree Lane, which is located on N Van Ness Blvd between Shields Ave and Shaw Ave in Fresno, California, millions of lights are turned on at 6:00 p.m. Some 140 homes and 300 trees are decorated and the display spans nearly two miles. The free event is sponsored by the Fig Garden Homeowners Association and donations from the public.

Q – Is there a cost?
A – Christmas Tree Lane accepts donations.

Q – Can dogs walk The Lane?
A – Yes but please use a leash.  Dogs can walk on any night.  It is also common courtesy to cleanup after them.

Q – Can I walk on The Lane during a non-walk night?
A – Yes

Q – Can I ride my bicycle on The Lane?
A – Yes.  You can ride your bicycle on any night.

Q – Where is parking for walking The Lane?
A – The largest parking area is located on the Northeast corner of Shaw and Palm.  This would be in the Fig Garden shopping / financial area. There is also on the street parking where allowed along the lane on the side streets.

Q – Can I drive my bus, RV, large vehicle on The Lane?
A – Yes but please be considerate of the other smaller vehicles.

Q – When are the walk only nights?
A – Saturday, December 2 and Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Q – Will the walk only nights be postponed for weather?
A – No

Q – When is the last night?
A – The last night The Lane will be opened is Dec 25th.

2500000 Lights
140 Houses
342679 Visitors
101 Years

Our History

Christmas Tree Lane began in 1920 with a single tree that was decorated to honor a child who had passed away. The tradition has grown every year for 100 years and is a staple of Fresno’s holiday traditions.